These Tweets About Pregnancy Are All Too Relatable

The miracle of life is a beautiful thing — from the outside, at least. While being pregnant is quite literally a life-changing experience full of memorable moments, there are also plenty of less-than-picture-perfect aspects to carrying another life that are part of the package.

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Whether you’ve gone through it yourself or not, these tweets written by women who are in the thick of pregnancy will have you giggling.

Toilet Time

Pregnant women, prepare for the bathroom to be your new best friend. Perhaps one of the most common complaints that comes from a pregnant woman is the constant urge to urinate. Frequent trips to the bathroom, whether due to morning sickness or the need to relieve oneself, can get old pretty quickly.

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The above-average amount of restroom time is due to the increased blood flow to a pregnant woman’s kidneys, which means increased pressure put on them. In fact, that extra blood flow leads to the production of approximately 25% more urine than before.

Out of Reach

The further you get into a pregnancy, the more your body becomes the baby’s. Adjusting to the new limitations you’ll be experiencing until delivery day isn’t always easy. One aspect of the third trimester that many find challenging is how big their bellies get.

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You may have noticed that the size and shape of baby bumps vary from woman to woman. The factors that impact the way that a bump forms include height, fitness levels and whether a woman is carrying her first baby or not. Research shows that first-time baby bumps tend to be smaller than those that follow.

Everyone’s an Expert

What sort of sage advice will this kid be giving when they’re 8? As cute as this tweet is, it speaks to a phenomenon that’s caused many a pregnant lady to feel peeved. Everyone, from mothers of three kids to middle-aged men, has some advice to give when you’ve got a bun in the oven.

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And while some of it may be helpful, when you’re getting a barrage of shoulds and shouldn’ts, it’s tricky to listen to any of them. Next time you see someone with a little one on the way, keep your wise words to yourself unless the mom asks for your opinion.

Baby’s Gotta Go

In this tweet, we’ve got another case of a very wise kid. So wise in fact, that they’ve outsmarted their own mother. How about that? As odd as it may sound, starting at about two months in, fetuses do in fact urinate while in the womb.

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Releasing their urine freely into the amniotic fluid, they’ll actually then consume their own waste soon after when swallowing that same amniotic fluid. You’ll be relieved to know that, in utero, defecating is much less common, with only a small percentage of fetuses releasing their bowels before birth.

If She Only Had a Brain

Even film star Olivia Wilde felt the effects of pregnancy crop up now and again, and we love her even more for it. “Baby brain” refers to lapses in memory and judgment while living through the nine-month process of creating another human.

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The science behind baby brain, which many people often assume is pure nonsense, may be based in truth, according to some recent studies. Both pregnant and non-pregnant women were tested while performing a series of tasks, and results showed that the pregnant women did worse on tasks that measured attention, decision-making, planning and memory.

Extreme Emotions

Mood swings are a standard part of pregnancy, and an elevated sex drive isn’t atypical either. So whether the pregnant partner is feeling the bedroom energy or simply wants to be left alone, a solid partner rides the roller coaster each step of the way.

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The science behind mood swings during pregnancy mostly comes down to hormones, though some of the fluctuation is due to general fatigue and both mental and physical stress. Significant shifts in hormone levels, however, can have a direct effect on the chemicals in the brain that influence mood.

Cravings Galore

Let’s talk about those pesky cravings that have caused many a partner to run out to the store at odd hours. From salty snacks to sweet treats to unconventional combinations of the two, this may be one of the most overused stereotypes of pregnant women in film and TV portrayals.

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And while some women hardly experience any cravings at all, for the women who do, the sudden urges to eat foods they wouldn’t usually want can be an odd sensation. The craziest part about it is that the reason for these cravings is still mostly a mystery in the medical community.

Balance It Out

The bizarre cravings may come while you’re pregnant, and while you don’t need to deny yourself, it’s also important to maintain a healthy diet when you’ve got another life growing inside of you. It seems pretty clear, but it’s not always easy.

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A balanced diet is always the way to go, but during those all-important months when your body is especially in need of vitamins and nutrients, it’s even more vital. In particular, yogurt, legumes and salmon are just a few of the most healthful foods to incorporate on a daily basis.

Cleanup on Aisle Nine

It’s a classic scenario. There’s a couple in bed. The Kool-Aid spills. The pregnant wife wakes up and thinks that her water has broken. We’ve all been there…right? In all honesty, if your water breaks and looks as red as Kool-Aid, make a speedy trip to the doctor.

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What we call “water breaking,” which is known more formally in the medical community as amniorrhexis, means the breaking of the amniotic sac. This allows amniotic fluid to escape. While this occurrence does signal the start of the labor process, for some women, it’ll be quite a few hours until they’re actually ready to push.

Karate Kid

It’s easy to forget that the thing that’s causing you all of the trips to the bathroom, the mood swings and the odd cravings is a little human who will soon be out in the world. There’s nothing that jerks you back to that wonderful reality faster than a swift kick to the ribs.

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These movements, also called “quickening,” usually start anywhere between 16 and 25 weeks of the pregnancy. As the fetus continues to grow, these kicks and punches are vital for the baby’s joint and bone development.

Past Due

Come on, now! Chrissy doesn’t deserve this sort of treatment. It’s true that some pregnancies do take longer than others, but after you’ve gone a certain amount of time past your due date, it’s time to get that baby out in the world.

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Generally, if labor doesn’t occur naturally, the doctor will move forward and induce it between a week and 10 days after the due date. Fun fact: A baby’s not actually considered “overdue” until after 42 weeks.

This Little Piggy Was Swollen

They say that if the shoe fits, wear it. But if you’re pregnant, there’s a good chance you’ll be sizing up. Though most people don’t have it as bad as the Twitter user clearly does in this tweet, many women experience swelling of the feet and ankles while pregnant.

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Mild to moderate swelling, caused by extra fluid in the body and pressure being put on the uterus, is entirely normal. If your feet get super-big, though, you may have a condition called preeclampsia, which requires immediate medical attention. The swelling can also occur in your face or hands.

Trouble Sleeping

Pregnancy is an exhausting business, and while some women have no trouble getting all the shuteye they need, about 75% of women do experience bouts of insomnia, especially during the third trimester. Women experience more symptoms of discomfort as pregnancy progresses, resulting in difficulty sleeping.

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Having trouble sleeping is never fun, but it won’t cause harm to you or to the baby, so don’t stress too much. There’s not much to do to combat the trouble sleeping, but it is worth cutting out caffeine completely and eating meals slowly to prevent heartburn.

The Results Are In

Think you might be pregnant? Can’t wait to go to the doctor to find out for sure? Over-the-counter pregnancy tests are available at pretty much any pharmacy or grocery store, but if you’re really feeling desperate, dollar stores carry them too.

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The best of the best in home pregnancy tests are 99% effective and can predict pregnancy earlier than the cheaper versions. Those dollar store options may not be able to detect pregnancy until several days after a missed period, but they should be reliable past that point.

Pickles and Ice Cream

Here we are, back again with the notorious pregnancy cravings. We really do feel for the poor soul who withstands the out-of-nowhere cravings that crop up when they’re living with a pregnant person. Aside from the fact that these cravings can be for really random things, they can also rapidly shift, meaning that by the time the pregnant woman receives her object of desire, she might want something else instead.

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Between 50% and 90% of women experience cravings while pregnant. For the most part, they occur during the first and second trimesters and peter out during the third.

Throwup Throwdown

Oh, the glories of morning sickness! Despite its name, morning sickness, or the sudden urge to vomit, can hit at any point of the day. Most women experience it up until around the 18th week of pregnancy, and it subsides almost completely after that.

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For some women, a more severe form of vomiting can develop, which is called hyperemesis gravidarum. Frequent vomiting, weight loss and dehydration affect the day-to-day lives of those who suffer from this. If you’ve gone through it yourself, our hearts go out to you.

Lean With It

Look, non-pregnant folks; leaning over can be trickier than you might think! With a giant belly protruding from your body, maintaining a center of balance is hard enough as is. Attempting to bend over to pick something up should be a competitive sport.

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Bending over with a baby belly can cause significant back strain, but it’s not at all problematic for the fetus. In the third trimester, though, it’s a good idea to avoid leaning and bending as much as possible. It can lead to dizziness and falling, which wouldn’t be good for the baby.

Maternity Clothes Blues

Calling all pregnant fashionistas! It’s a common complaint among mothers-to-be that the clothes on offer for their temporary shape are less than desirable. The crossover between comfortable and stylish that most women want is difficult to find, especially for an affordable price.

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The diamonds in the rough are out there though, and remember, this phase will only last a few months. Shopping in-store to see what really suits your new shape is never a bad idea. And remember: There are no rules! Wear whatever makes you feel good.

Brain Power

We weren’t joking. Baby brain really does account for some of the silliest moments over the course of the nine-month-long process. That foggy feeling you experience when pregnant can be confusing, but it can actually have positive effects down the line when it comes to parenting.

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According to a study done by neuroscientists, “changes in estrogen, prolactin and oxytocin hormone levels after birth may help reshape women’s brains in response to their infants’ needs.” It’s pretty cool to think that our brains help prepare us to be better parents!

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

And here you were, thinking that these days were over. Oh how wrong you were! About 40% of women experience incontinence during pregnancy. At least it’s reassuring to know that you’re not totally alone in these woes if this has happened to you.

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Most cases of accidental urination are manageable and infrequent, so don’t stress too much about this potential side effect. A sneeze can make it hard to hold in even when you’re not pregnant, but add that pressure on your uterus, and it’s a major feat.

Sugar Rush

Yet another reason to keep it as healthy as you can with diet and exercise while pregnant is to avoid the onset of gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that only exists in women who are, well, gestating.

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Before you become pregnant, your doctor can tell you whether you’re particularly at risk and give you strategies that may help you prevent it from developing. For any woman, though, eating healthily and exercising regularly are a good start. And even if you do get it, it’s easy to work with your doctor to manage the condition.

Boy or Girl?

There are too many theories about how to determine whether you’re having a boy or girl to count, but are any of them based in truth? Aside from ultrasounds and other tests an OBGYN can perform, are there actually predictors that can indicate the sex of a future child?

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The truth is that, while certain things can tip the scales slightly, there’s no fail-safe method among all these theories. For example, studies have shown that women who experience excessive vomiting are more likely to have girls.

Caffeine-free, Please

It’s tough enough for many expecting mothers to cut that nightly glass of wine out of their routine, but add caffeinated beverages to that off-limits list, and it really is like a waking nightmare. Americans love their morning coffee more than most. That’s for sure.

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Caffeine, a stimulant, increases both blood pressure and heart rate, which is bad for a growing baby. It’s also a diuretic, meaning that it makes you need to urinate and therefore dehydrates you. You need all the fluids you can get when you’re hydrating for two.

Heart on Fire

Like many of the symptoms already discussed, heartburn becomes progressively more common as a pregnancy progresses. While only 22% of women report experiencing heartburn during the first trimester, up to a whopping 72% deal with it in the third.

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The heartburn experienced during pregnancy happens because of hormones that can slow down digestion and cause certain muscles to relax. This can lead stomach acid to leak into the esophagus. Heartburn doesn’t harm the baby at all, but it can be pretty uncomfortable for the mom.

Treasure Hunt

What a wonderful surprise it must have been for Rachael here when she finally found that missing piece of chocolate. Having a big belly can lead to some pretty hilarious mishaps, but it can also be surprisingly helpful.

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Try using your baby bump to prop up your phone or your laptop. How about balancing a plate or bowl on top of it for easy access? It’s like a built-in table that you never knew you needed. It’s those small victories that’ll help you get through this roller coaster ride.

Free Pass

Another perk to being pregnant? You can get away with more than you did before. That means finally telling off that coworker who always gets on your nerves and blaming it on the mood swings. A brilliant plan that’s sure to brighten your otherwise uncomfortable day.

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Pregnant women can also get away with crying for no discernible reason, asking for a seat on public transit and occasionally consuming junk food. This really might be a silver lining that can inspire you to be more straightforward even after the baby comes.

Getting (Un)Physical

Life is tiring enough as it is. Can you imagine having to sustain yourself and another being growing inside of you? Yeah, it’s exhausting. And that’s not to mention how much there is to do to prepare for the baby. The bottom line? It can get wildly overwhelming.

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And though it may be tempting to lounge on the couch every chance you get, maintaining a regular exercise routine is key for keeping both you and, by extension, the baby healthy. Most doctors recommend at least 150 minutes of active movement per week.

Let’s Hear It for the Boys

We love our male counterparts without a doubt, but they’ll really never understand what women go through while pregnant, no matter how much they attempt to empathize. Of course, every relationship is different, but the overarching recipe for success? Communication.

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It’s not his fault that he just doesn’t get what you’re going through, but it is his job to listen and help wherever he can. After all, he’s half of this whole equation, right? It’s easy to get caught up in the mood swings and other symptoms. But remember that you’re both about to welcome someone pretty important into the world.

Becoming a Sibling

Having your first child is tough, but sometimes it can be equally tricky to welcome in a second. While this particular toddler is clearly eager to play with their future little sister, some older siblings aren’t as keen to no longer be the only child receiving their parents’ love and affection.

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The best way to ensure that the transition to welcoming another little one into the household goes smoothly is by starting the conversation early. Set realistic expectations but also make it clear that they’re still going to be a priority.

The Aftermath

For those women who are finished with the birthing process and are now onto the next stage of motherhood, new challenges can arise at every turn. Sometimes, all you need is a break, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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This mom has had a long day, and if sitting in the closet scrolling Twitter is what does the job to relieve the stress, more power to her. There are many methods of maintaining sanity when things get tough, but finding your particular remedy is key to keeping things fresh and fun in the way that your kids deserve.