Everything You Need to Know About Navigating the Ravinia Pavilion Seating Map

If you’re planning a visit to the Ravinia Pavilion, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the seating map. With various sections and seating options available, knowing how to navigate the map can greatly enhance your concert experience. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about navigating the Ravinia Pavilion seating map.

Understanding the Layout of the Ravinia Pavilion Seating Map

The first step in navigating any seating map is understanding its layout. The Ravinia Pavilion is an outdoor concert venue located in Highland Park, Illinois. It offers a unique and intimate experience for music lovers with its covered pavilion and sprawling lawn area.

The seating map of the Ravinia Pavilion consists of three main sections: Reserved Seating, Lawn Seating, and Box Seats. Each section offers a different experience and view of the stage.

Reserved Seating at the Ravinia Pavilion

The Reserved Seating section is located within the covered pavilion area. This section provides a more traditional concert experience with assigned seats. The seats are arranged in rows that span from left to right across the pavilion. The closer your seat is to the center, the better your view of the stage will be.

The Reserved Seating area is divided into different price tiers based on proximity to the stage and overall comfort level. Premium seats are usually located in or near the center section, offering an up-close view of performers. Standard seats are slightly farther back but still provide excellent views.

Lawn Seating at the Ravinia Pavilion

If you prefer a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, Lawn Seating at Ravinia Pavilion might be perfect for you. The lawn area surrounds the covered pavilion and allows attendees to bring their own blankets or low-rise chairs.

To find your spot on the lawn, refer to the seating map for designated areas and entrances. Some areas may have restrictions on chair height to ensure everyone has a clear view of the stage.

Lawn Seating offers a unique experience, as you can enjoy the music while lounging under the stars. However, keep in mind that the lawn is first-come, first-served, so arriving early will give you more options for choosing your ideal spot.

Box Seats at the Ravinia Pavilion

For those looking for an exclusive experience, Box Seats at Ravinia Pavilion are an excellent choice. These seats are located on raised platforms along the sides of the pavilion and offer premium views of the stage.

Box Seats typically come with additional amenities such as in-seat wait service and access to private restrooms. They provide a luxurious and comfortable concert experience for attendees who want to enjoy live music in style.

It’s important to note that Box Seats often have limited availability and may require advance reservations or special ticket purchases.


Navigating the Ravinia Pavilion seating map is essential for maximizing your concert experience. Understanding the layout of the Reserved Seating, Lawn Seating, and Box Seat sections will help you choose the best option based on your preferences and budget.

Whether you prefer being up close to the performers or enjoying a relaxed night under the stars, Ravinia Pavilion offers something for everyone. Remember to check availability and plan ahead when purchasing tickets, especially if you’re interested in Box Seats.

So next time you plan to attend a concert at Ravinia Pavilion, use this guide to navigate their seating map with confidence and make lasting memories with great music in an unforgettable setting.

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