These Celebrities Could Do a Lot Better at Personal Hygiene

By Jake Schroeder
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If you think all celebrities smell as good as they look, think again. It's more common than you might imagine for the rich and famous to slack on their hygiene. We're not talking about the mildly famous either. These are all names you probably know.

What leads such famous and successful people to neglect such basic self-care? And which celebrity is the worst? One thing’s for sure — their poor hygiene certainly does not go unnoticed among their peers.

Brad Pitt

Many reports claim that Brad Pitt has a very unfortunate stench. His decision to forego soap in favor of lemons and apple cider vinegar might have something to do with it. Angelina Jolie and his kids have noticed it and tried to reason with him, but he won't budge. The chemicals in soaps aren't worth it to him.

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Pitt also avoids the chemicals in deodorant, and if that weren't bad enough, he is known to skip showers, using baby wipes instead. He may be gorgeous, but perhaps it's better to glimpse him from afar thanks to his bad hygiene.

Julia Roberts

In 2008, Julia Roberts told Oprah that deodorant isn't really "her thing." Perhaps smelling good isn't her thing either, unless of course she never sweats — which isn’t likely. What's even more surprising is that Roberts also does not use soap.

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That’s not all, though. One of her past security guards spilled some personal details that paint her as a real hippie. He mentioned that she sometimes does not shower for days in order to save water. At least her reason for doing it is noble.

Matthew McConaughey

That laid back vibe works for Matthew McConaughey on the screen, but in person, his body odor reflects that he's maybe a little too laid back. Rumors have it that it's been over 20 years since he decided to steer clear of both deodorant and cologne.

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His co-star in Fool's Gold, Kate Hudson, actually asked him to try using a salt rock for his stench because it was too much for her to handle, and she's not the only one. McConaughey has repeatedly starred in Lincoln commercials, apparently leaving his rank scent behind in the cars long after he's gone.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a champion of going green, and it certainly doesn't stop at his personal life. He has reported that he feels showering wastes water, and he doesn't want to do that. Apparently, he's going more natural now and only showering a couple of days a week. He's saving the world one shower at a time.

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Leo also considers deodorant to be unnatural, so he doesn't use that either. It's a little disappointing that a person who looks so good might smell so bad, but to each their own. Perhaps he's taken environmental friendliness just a little too far.

Britney Spears

You'd think a pop star who's had a few of her own fragrances would smell good, but that's not the case for Britney Spears. It seems her smelliness is the result of letting her hair and her clothes go unwashed for a few too many days.

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During one incident on a flight when Spears took her shoes off, the flight attendant had to ask her to put them back on because she was stinking up the plane. Others have reported that she eats in bed, never cleaning up the food that falls onto her sheets.

Johnny Depp

How does Johnny Depp achieve such a gorgeously messy look? By not showering, apparently. The story many have told is that he often goes without showering and stinks of cigarettes. Depp himself even admits to skipping showers for longer than he should.

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Depp has also mentioned some questionable oral hygiene practices. On the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, he didn't always brush his teeth to get more into his character. Anything in the name of art, right? Unfortunately, his co-stars weren't pleased. Angelina Jolie, who worked with him on The Tourist, was not a fan of their kissing scenes.


Cameron Diaz

For 20 years, Cameron Diaz hasn't used deodorant. She proudly said so herself. The confusing part is that most people against deodorant don't like it because of the chemicals. Why doesn't Cameron just use one of the natural options out there? Her method of staying fresh is to keep armpit hair to a minimum, but is it enough?

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Not wearing deodorant has led to rumors about Diaz's body odor being less than pleasant, not to mention sightings of armpit stains on her shirts. To make her hygiene matters worse, sometimes she wears the same clothes for days in a row.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox's rank on the attractive scale may go down a bit because of her awful hygiene. She has said herself that she doesn't always flush the toilet after using it, both number one and number two, and not only at her home, but also the homes of others.

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It turns out she's not very shy about farting either, according to an interview she did with GQ. She proclaimed that it wouldn't be uncommon for her wardrobe on the Transformers set to smell like farts. To top off her bad hygiene habits, she also mentioned she's kind of a slob.

Christina Aguilera

One reporter claimed that Christina Aguilera smelled like a 12-year-old girl's bedroom. Another strange and specific description of her scent comes from a childhood friend, now of the band Grouplove, who claims Aguilera smells like hot dogs. Were those reports of her odd smells Aguilera's catalyst for launching her own perfume line?

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Photo Courtesy: Tim Roney/ Hulton Archive Collection/Getty Images

Also, it's hard to forget Aguilera's performance at Etta James' funeral where an unknown substance ran down her legs. She says it was spray tan, but does spray tan drip like that? Most people secretly hope it was nervous sweat, but the jury's still out on that one.


Jessica Simpson

Oral hygiene is a necessary part of life. That's why it's a little disconcerting that singer Jessica Simpson told the audience of The Ellen Degeneres Show that she brushes her teeth as little as thrice weekly. The reason she cited wasn't good news, either: "My teeth are so white," she explained, "and I don't like them to feel too slippery."

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Photo Courtesy: De John VanderHaagen/Wikimedia Commons

It's one thing to skip flossing sometimes, but skipping brushing is another story. She opts instead to wipe her teeth with a t-shirt, which does not seem like a hygienic alternative. Is Jessica's breath still fresh? She insists it is.

Zac Efron

Like many of his Hollywood peers, Zac Efron may opt for the baby wipe shower as opposed to the real thing. This includes after he spends hours at the gym. Not showering all the time is one thing, but skipping showers after the gym is really unhygienic.

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Photo Courtesy: Ivo Duran/Wikimedia Commons

It should come as no surprise then that his co-stars on High School Musical complained about his body odor. When he does shower, it seems like he's at least using soap, so that's something. The real question is, why won't he shower more?

Post Malone

There was a rumor that Post Malone's manager quit because of the artist's awful body odor, but now that has been debunked. Still, it went viral, and fans nominated him to get cleaned up on Queer Eye in 2018. Post Malone claims that the scrubbing he got from Queer Eye was fun but unnecessary.

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Photo Courtesy: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Still, normal people tend to wear deodorant, and Post Malone has said himself that he doesn't use it. He also mentioned that ladies are attracted to his "musk." Truthfully, some might call that natural "musk" smell a "stink," but Post Malone denies that he smells bad.


Kourtney Kardashian

Of all the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney is the hippiest of them all. She goes all-natural whenever possible. During her breastfeeding days, she opted out of deodorant, and her sister Khloe finally let her know she was smelling bad. How does everyone know about Kourtney's questionable hygiene?

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Photo Courtesy: JB Lacroix/WireImage Collection/Getty Images

An entire episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami focused on how Khloe and Schott Disick were going to clue her in on her body odor. The whole point was to protect her baby from the harmful elements in deodorant, but if that’s the case, she should at least go for the natural stuff rather than wearing none at all.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone was once most famous for her starring role in the cult-classic ‘90s film Clueless. However, she's more recently made headlines because of her strange practice of feeding her son from her mouth, like a bird. Here's hoping she brushes her teeth regularly, at least.

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Photo Courtesy: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another of her strange hygiene habits includes when she started an unregulated breastmilk trade, an unsanitary practice that could have ended with a lot of sick babies. Alicia also practices bad hygiene in normal ways, like not wearing deodorant. During a yoga class, other students were bothered by her body odor.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart isn't one for bathing, as it turns out. Her ex, Robert Pattinson, claimed it was a big turn off. Coming from an alleged fellow-non-bather, that's something. Apparently he complained that she rarely washed her hair and only brushed her teeth once a day.

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Photo Courtesy: Mike Marsland/WireImage Collection/Getty Images

Kristin didn't outright deny the claims that she had a tendency to be smelly now and again. However, she seemed to blame her bad body odor on her nerves because they cause her to twiddle her thumbs and make her hands sweat. They’re not the only thing that sweats when a person is nervous, though.


Russell Crowe

You must smell pretty bad if your co-star demands a body double for intimate scenes with you on set, and that's exactly what happened while filming Cinderella Man. Renee Zellweger was more than a little displeased with Russel Crowe's terrible stench. She just couldn't handle it.

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Photo Courtesy: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic Collection/Getty Images

Joan Rivers even had some choice comments about Crowe's body odor problem. She refused to sit near him at awards shows because of it. There are no details available behind why Crowe smells so bad, but perhaps he's taken to the trend of not wearing deodorant and showering infrequently like many of his Hollywood peers.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf's poor hygiene does not come as that big of a surprise considering some of his other strange behavior. When LaBeouf starred in Sia's Elastic Heart music video, his co-star Maddie Ziegler complained about his troublesome body odor. It must have been hard for her to dance with him if that was the case.

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Photo Courtesy: Alo Ceballos/GC Images Collection/Getty Images

LaBeouf also said it helped him get into character to skip showering while filming Fury, a movie set during World War II. According to rumors, he went weeks without showering, and the rest of the cast didn't have nice things to say about that.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a coffee junkie, and her co-stars are the ones that pay the price for her subsequent bad breath. It was mostly the co-stars who had kissing scenes with her that complained. It was so bad that Jason Batemen, her kissing partner in both The Switch and Horrible Bosses, called it quits mid-kissing-scene so she could get some mints.

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Photo Courtesy: Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment Collection/Getty Images

She also had a kissing scene with Alec Baldwin while filming an episode of 30 Rock, and he called the experience painful. Maybe she should think about getting her coffee breath under control for the sake of her peers.


Robert Pattinson

During the filming of the Twilight Saga, reports came in about Robert Pattinson's unbearable body odor. According to the rumors, he hadn't used shampoo for weeks, and he didn't deny it when questioned. He said he didn't see the point in washing his hair.

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Photo Courtesy: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Entertainment Collection/Getty Images

He went on to explain that he also doesn’t care if his apartment was clean since he only sleeps there. Between his grubby apartment and his unwashed hair, he ended up smelling bad enough for people to notice. Hopefully, he's cleaned up his habits since then.

Shailene Woodley

The Fault in Our Stars actress Shailene Woodley is passionate about oils, it seems. She mentioned to Parade that she only shampoos her hair about once a month because it's like "horse hair." She claims her hair is better when it's super oily, which leaves one wondering how that must smell.

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Photo Courtesy: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic Collection/Getty Images

Her passion for oil doesn't stop at natural body oils either. One source suggested that Shailene bathes herself in pungent essential oils, and her career has faced problems as a result. Designers no longer want to lend her clothes because they can't get the stench out once she returns them.


Who uses cat litter to exfoliate their face? Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, told Conan O'Brien that she's all about it. Hopefully, it isn't used cat litter. Her sometimes gross behavior on Jersey Shore makes it a little less surprising that she does this, however. Take for example the "shore shower," the act of foregoing a real shower for a perfume bath.

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Photo Courtesy: Ed Rode/Getty Images Entertainment Collection/Getty Images

Snooki has also been pretty forthright to the news media about the fact that she has bad breath, and her husband has attested to that. She keeps mint gum around at all times to try to keep her breath fresh, at least.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles, musician and member of One Direction, has had some complaints about his hygiene from band members. They complain about his incessant flatulence, plus the fact that he denies it. One of his shyer bandmates even said you couldn't pay him to smell Harry's socks.

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Photo Courtesy: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harry's ex Taylor Swift is also rumored to have been displeased with his bad breath. She blamed it on all of his coffee, cigarette and alcohol consumption. While it's not so rare for a rock star to indulge in these things, perhaps Harry needs to carry a toothbrush around to keep his bad breath under control.

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera thinks that people who aren't white don't shower as often. She said so herself when she was a guest host on The View in 2015. She called showering every single day a "white people thing." Her evidence in part came from the fact that her white ex-husband sometimes showered two or three times a day.

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Photo Courtesy: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic Collection/Getty Images

When she shared these thoughts, her own hygiene came into question. People began to wonder just how often she was showering if it wasn’t every day And if she wasn't showering too often, what did that mean about the way she smelled?


Pop star Ke$ha admitted in a BBC interview that she doesn't smell good. Her exact phrasing was that she smelled like a "hobo." Apparently, others have told her she smells like a diaper full of shrimp. Yikes. Now there's a smell no one ever wants to experience.

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Photo Courtesy: Gavin Huang/Wikimedia Commons

Her bad hygiene goes beyond just her odor though: She's also drunk her own urine before. She said so herself on her MTV special. Ke$ha claimed drinking her pee would help her get into shape. After trying it, however, she said it was gross and never did it again. Go figure.


Orlando Bloom

As rumors would have it, Orlando Bloom's awful hygiene may have been why he and model Miranda Kerr got divorced. Supposedly, she asked him to wash his clothes and shower more, but he never conceded. Apparently, it does not matter how attractive you are if you smell bad.

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Photo Courtesy: Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment Collection/Getty Images

On the Pirates of the Caribbean set, people claimed that Bloom rarely washed his jeans, which isn't that abnormal. However, they say he also didn't wash his t-shirts or socks either. Now that's taking it too far. If the rumors are true, it's probably best to keep admiring him from afar.

Miley Cyrus

Is anyone surprised that Miley Cyrus has some bad hygiene habits? After all, she's not known for being prim and proper. Why wouldn't her wild behavior extend to how she takes care of her body? One of her most notable questionable hygiene decisions was wearing someone else's retainer. The amount of foreign germs that must have entered her mouth is frightening.

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Photo Courtesy: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP Collection/Getty Images

Miley's oral hygiene issues don't stop there. Medical professionals have wondered if her coated tongue is representative of her bad oral hygiene overall. She sticks her tongue out enough, so they've had plenty to go off for that speculation.

Anderson Cooper

Just because you're the son of wealthy designer Gloria Vanderbilt doesn't mean you automatically have good hygiene. Anderson Cooper, a well-known news reporter, wears the same pair of jeans over and over, going months without washing them. While you don't have to wash jeans after every use, you do have to wash them sometimes.

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Photo Courtesy: NBC/NBC Universal Collection/Getty Images

Coming from such wealth, you'd think he could have afforded to buy a couple more pairs in lieu of wearing the same ones so much. His coworkers mentioned the undesirable smell coming from his dirty jeans, so he got candles for his office to mask it.


Mel Gibson

Apparently, Mel Gibson's stylists have not had many good things to say about him as far as his hygiene is concerned. He ranks at the top of many of their lists for awful-smelling celebrities. One anonymous stylist even claimed he is "the worst smelling celebrity on the planet." That's probably not the award he wanted to receive.

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Photo Courtesy: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment Collection/Getty Images

It's a mix of body odor and cigarettes that makes Gibson so stinky, the story goes. While he may not want to quit smoking cigarettes, he could at least take care of the horrible BO by adding regular showers to his daily routine.

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is best known for being an absolute neat freak on the ever-popular sitcom Friends, but apparently the habits of Monica don't extend to her personal life. Her ex-husband David Arquette once told the media that she smelled "like a truck driver."

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Photo Courtesy: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment Collection/Getty Images

Maybe that's not fair — anyone who doesn't keep up with their hygiene would smell bad. The real question remains what caused her to smell like a "truck driver" in the first place? And why did Arquette even bring it up?

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is as glamorous as they come, so it might come as a surprise that her hygiene may not match up with her stunning good looks and tendency to always be the best-dressed in the room. She told David Letterman in an interview that she's "a tough girl" and that she "can not shower for a week" and be fine with it.

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Photo Courtesy: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment Collection/Getty Images

No amount of beauty can mask body odor, however, so when she does spend weeks foregoing showers, she must not smell very good. Let's just hope she doesn't live up to those words tool often.