Couples Who Make 90 Day Fiance (and All Its Spinoffs) Worth Watching

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90 Day Fiance is a TLC reality show about couples who live in different countries and are getting ready to march down the aisle. Marriage is always a challenging fusion of two lives, and there are even more challenges when language barriers, cultural differences and immigration laws come into play.

Despite everything they face, the couples on the show are really adorable and super loving. Some, however, bring an extra dose of drama to the show. These couples are responsible for 90 Days Fiance‘s wildest moments.

Matt and Alla

When Matt invited his brothers over for a big family dinner to meet his Ukranian fiance, Alla, one of his brothers outright accused her of having ulterior motives — namely, American citizenship — for wanting to marry Matt.

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The aftermath was very intense for all parties involved, with no one feeling happy about the coming nuptials. Fortunately, despite the awkward introduction to Matt’s skeptical family, all public indications since suggest that Matt and Alla are now living a happy, healthy married life today.

Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle and Mohamed were an explosive couple whose breakup was just as heated as their love. After moving from Tunisia to live with his older fiance, Mohamed discovered that she was in deep debt. On their wedding day, Mohamed met with an immigration attorney to determine if he would be responsible for Danielle’s debts.

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Their wedding was quickly annulled, and Danielle started a legal battle to get him deported. In one of their final meetings, the police were called because Danielle was throwing documents at him as she chased him down the street.

Josh and Aika

Whether you’re in an international relationship or not, every couple has problems, and Josh and Aika certainly had their share of them. Josh’s mother went out of her way to warn his fiance about how he’d been divorced before.

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Aika was displeased about the size of her wedding ring, and she was clearly unimpressed with Josh’s lack of finances when she visited him in America from the Philippines. They also had a heated discussion about whether or not they would have children. In spite of all of this, if Instagram can be believed, they have a thriving married couple today.

David and Annie

Finances are difficult for all couples, and the ones on 90 Day Fiance have added immigration-related expenses to fret over. David and Annie are one of the tamer couples on the show as far as their relationship, but their conversations about money were painfully awkward.

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David paid for Annie’s visa, and he gave her quite a few lavish gifts before she moved over to the States. At one of Annie’s first dinners in America, she learned that David’s friends had given him large loans, and they would be living with another couple as a result of his poor finances.

Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa is a Russian model, and Jorge (pronounced George) is a Floridian businessman. Throughout their time on the show, this couple had a hard time getting along with each other. Anfisa had high expectations of what her husband was supposed to provide materially, and Jorge struggled to meet her demands.

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During the show, Jorge dealt with legal troubles that put an even greater strain on their relationship. Anfisa was quick to scream at her husband, and both Anfisa and Jorge made enemies with their fellow 90 Day Fiance couples on reunion episodes.

Paul and Karine

One would think that being able to communicate in a common language is an important foundation for any relationship. However, it wasn’t a priority for Paul and Karine, who married and had a child over the course of the show.

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The married couple still uses translator apps to communicate with each other and their families. Although she isn’t fluent, Karine has learned some English, but Paul refuses to learn Portuguese despite now living in Brazil. The couple regularly argues to the sound of an automated voice.

Darcey and Jesse

Jesse was a very self-absorbed model, and Darcey was just trying to make things work. Every conversation they had seemed to turn into a terrible argument. Before they finally broke up, Jesse said that he was willing to stay with Darcey as long as she sought medical attention to “work on herself.”

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In their most infamous moment, Darcey stepped on one of Jesse’s sneakers, and he went off on a tirade. In the midst of the argument, Darcey threw a pair of shoes, and Jesse threatened to call the cops.

Deavan and Jihoon

When South Korean Jihoon from proposed to his American wife Deavan, he had the fabulous idea of somehow hiding the ring in a relatively clear glass of champagne. On top of the fact that she could clearly see the ring, the fancy goblet was so thin that fishing the ring out of the glass proved to be a real fiasco.

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Jihoon was understandably upset with the way things worked out, but neither he nor Deavan could hide their excitement for the future they were about to build together. It was still a cute proposal!

Rachel and Jon

Children are not usually in the picture when the couples on 90 Day Fiance meet for the first time, but Rachel bought her 8-month-old child to England to visit her long-term, long-distance boyfriend, Jon. The situation was already strange enough, and it got weirder when Jon was not at the airport to meet his fiance and soon-to-be stepdaughter.

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With baby in tow, Rachel had to navigate her way through the train system in a crowded, strange city. When they finally met each other, they both had their “last first kiss.”

Elizabeth and Andrei

Of all the couples on 90 Day Fiance, Elizabeth and Andrei seemed destined for a breakup. Elizabeth was an American girl who liked to dress up and go clubbing. Andrei was a Moldovan macho man whose views on a woman’s role in marriage would be considered slightly archaic in any culture.

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Due to the ongoing conflict, her friends confiscated her phone during her day-long bachelorette party, which made both Elizabeth and Andrei angry. Elizabeth’s protective father and older brothers were never huge fans of Andrei. Today, however, they are happily married with children.

Louis and Aya

Many of the couples featured on 90 Day Fiance go to the people they trust for marriage advice. Some seek the advice of a parent. Others ask for the opinion of a friend or even their own child.

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Louis, who married a woman from the Philippines named Aya, consulted with his ex-wife of all people when making big decisions about whether to marry Aya. Since Louis and his ex were co-parents to their children, he wanted to make sure that she would support his new marriage.

Matt and Aziza

When Aziza arrived from Russia, she moved in with her fiance, Matt, for the duration of her 90-day stay in America. Although it was Matt’s home, she quickly made it her own. When he returned from work one day, she was appalled he walked past the door without removing his shoes.

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To Aziza, wearing shoes in the home was equivalent to letting wild animals roam around inside. To Matt, it was perfectly normal to wear his shoes anywhere he pleased. Eventually, the future husband caved.

Asuelu and Kalani

Before they were on the show, Kalani, who lives in America, had a child with Asuelu, who lives in Samoa. The fact that they already had a child put even greater importance on the 90 day period. It was an unplanned pregnancy, so Kalani would be a single mother with no support if Asuelu didn’t marry her.

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When she picked him up from the airport, Asuelu treated Kalani, and hundreds of onlookers, to a traditional Samoan dance. Kalani was clearly embarrassed by the display, but the crowd cheered when he was finished.

Eric and Leida

90 Day Fiance features many couples who prove that international relationships are not always stereotypical. In this case, Eric, the American, was of little means while Leida, from Indonesia, came from a wealthy background.

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Money proved to be a constant point of contention for this couple. Leida’s parents spent more than $250,000 on her first wedding, and she expected that same luxurious lifestyle in America. Eric had a small apartment and spent a significant chunk of his income on child support, and Leida never hesitated to make her dissatisfaction known.

Ricky and Ximena

Most people in international relationships fall in love with someone from another country by accident. Ricky, an American who appeared on the show with his fiance Ximena, traveled to Colombia with the intention of finding a fiance. After his first relationship did not work out, Ximena was the second woman he dated during his Colombian trip.

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Ximena was incensed to find out that she was “a second option,” and she wouldn’t let it go. She demanded that Ricky, who can’t swim, jump in a lake to prove his affection for her.

Michael and Angela

In many ways, Michael and Angela are one of the most endearing couples on 90 Day Fiance. They seem to be genuinely in love, and they both made huge concessions to accept each others’ cultures. Still, they almost didn’t make it down the aisle.

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In one of the most memorable blowups between the couple, Michael, who was video chatting from Nigeria, referred to Angela as his elder. Angela was understandably offended, and Michael only made things worse when he chuckled at her reaction. Angela threw off her ring and stormed off the set.

Laura and Aladin

Laura left America to live in Qatar with her handsome husband. After the honeymoon phase was over, she became very homesick and started craving wine. Wine is hard to find, and very much illegal to make, in Qatar.

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When Laura wanted wine, she decided to make it on her own. When Aladin discovered her plan, a predictable argument ensued. Aladin was adamant that either one of them could be arrested because of her moonshine, but Laura couldn’t care less.

Sasha and Emily

The premise of 90 Day Fiance (and the K-1 Visa that stipulates the 90-day period) is that a couple either will or won’t be interested in getting married within three months or less. It’s a big part of the drama on the show.

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When Sasha traveled from Russia to live with his American fiance named Emily, he didn’t bring many clothes or other belongings. This left Emily concerned that he had no intention of marrying her, which would entail moving to America permanently. This nagging doubt led to plenty of awkward conversations, but the couple did eventually walk down the aisle.

Blake and Jasmine

Blake and Jasmin thought they had it all figured out. During the 90-day period, Blake planned to move his foreign fiance into an apartment attached to his parent’s home. When his parents discovered his plan, they stopped the arrangement.

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They calmly explained that they had religious objections to an unmarried couple living in their home. They offered to allow Jasmin to stay with them, but they told Blake that he would need to find alternate living arrangements. The tense conversation, though rather calm for the subject, was certainly memorable.

Avery and Omar

Avery is from rural Ohio, and Omar is from Syria. The couple seems to be very loving, but they experienced plenty of problems regarding where they would live permanently. Avery’s mother was distraught when she learned that her daughter was seriously considering living in war-torn Syria.

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The couple got married in Syria and lived together there for some time. When Avery returned to America, she was devastated to discover that a travel ban meant that her husband could not get a visa in the foreseeable future.

David and Evelyn

David was from Spain, and he was 8-years-older than his American fiance Evelyn. She threw a party to welcome him to the United States. Things were going as well as could be expected until Evelyn’s best friend, Mikayla, arrived.

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Mikayla sat down and dryly listed all of the reasons David and Evelyn shouldn’t be together. David shut her down by mentioning the fact that Mikayla is still single, which proved to be a tear-inducing barb. Mikayla and Evelyn were both crying by the time Mikayla’s short visit ended.

Azan and Nicole

Azan, a Morrocan fitness enthusiast, married Nicole, an American girl he infamously called lazy. Working out and eating right proved to be a never-ending argument for the couple, and Azan unabashedly called her lazy over and over again.

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When Nicole visited Morocco, she insisted on hugging and kissing in the marketplace, and she was unphased when Azan told her PDA were illegal. She thought he was just ashamed of her.

Jenny and Sumit

Jenny and Sumit were the most tear-filled relationships on the entire show. Jenny moved from Palm Springs to live with her fiance in India. She immediately learned that she’d been catfished, and her fiance looked nothing like the handsome model she’d seen in pictures.

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Unfortunately, that was not the least of the surprises. Sumit was actually married to another woman the whole time, and that woman’s angry family members made several appearances on the show. He claimed it was a loveless arranged marriage, but that still left Jenny in a legal and moral dilemma.

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro may have had a normal relationship … if it wasn’t for Chantel’s family. Like many of the families on 90 Day Fiance, they were determined to prove that Pedro was just dating Chantel to be an American citizen, and their quest for dirt on Pedro didn’t stop after the wedding day.

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Long after the couple married, several of Chantel’s family members descended upon her home with “evidence” from some strange man that “proved” everything they’d been asserting for months. Ultimately, Pedro fled his home to avoid being tased or assaulted.

Russ and Paola

Russ was a religious guy from Oklahoma, and he fell for a Colombian model named Paola. Moving to America proved to be a catalyst for Paola’s modeling career, which in turn led to the couple separating briefly (by distance only) when she moved to Miami before he did to pursue further modeling opportunities.

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Although they are a happy family today, modeling was a source of contention early on in their relationship. She was in some photoshoots that Russ (and most people) considered to be extremely revealing. Ultimately, they were able to work through it.

Mark and Nikki

Although age gaps don’t have to be problematic, the huge age gap between Mark and Nikki proved to be an issue. In moments of argument, Mark would treat Nikki like a child rather than a fiance. For example, he chided her for touching the windows in his car.

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While shopping for a wedding gown, a bridal consultant asked Nikki if she was marrying her best friend. “I’m marrying a weird guy,” she awkwardly replied. Throughout the show, calling Mark weird became a term of endearment. The couple still seem to be happily married.

Luis and Molly

Luis and Molly proved that love has no age limit. There was a little less than 20 years between the couple, but Luis quickly moved from the Dominican Republic to live with his older American fiance. Molly still had older children living with her, and Luis and his soon-to-be stepchildren clashed from the beginning.

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Wedded bliss seemed to be elusive for this couple. They had explosive arguments on the show, and the beginning of the end of their relationship played out on camera and on social media. They got divorced in 2018.

Loren and Alexei

Loren and Alexei met when Loren vacationed in Israel. They had a beautiful romance, but the wedding itself proved to be contentious when cultures collided. Loren wanted to take wedding pictures with family and friends hours before the ceremony, but Alexei was insistent that it was uncouth for the bride to be seen before the wedding.

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Both parties ended up saying that their feelings had been ignored on one of the happiest days of their lives. They both admitted that there were a lot of details that should have been discussed earlier.

Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa met online, but their IRL relationship was not as happy as their virtual one. Larissa was dismayed to find out that Colt’s mother lived with him. She often berated her American fiance in public, accusing him of seeking attention from other women because of casual conversations.

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Colt’s family vehemently accused Larissa of being in it for the money, but she was adamant that Colt didn’t have much money. Larissa was later arrested for domestic violence, and she and Colt have divorced since appearing on the show.

Larry and Jen

Larry is an American, and his fiance, Jen, is from the Philippines. When Larry came for a visit, Jen’s family went through great expense and five hours of work to prepare a roasted pork dish called lechon. The dish is so expensive that it had been several decades since they last prepared it.

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Larry looked as if he was being asked to eat dirt. After making a cross over his heart, he took a tiny bite and quickly removed some of it from his mouth. Needless to say, Jen and her family took great umbrage.