Products That Use Nicolas Cage’s Face to Put a Smile on Yours

Everyone has an opinion about Nicolas Cage. No matter how you feel about him, there’s no denying his versatility as an actor over the past several decades. Thanks to millennials — and some questionable roles and facial expressions — Cage is now an internet god. If you’re a true believer that the world would be a better place with a little more Nic Cage in it, then these products are for you. And if not, then his face will probably still put a smile on yours.

Photo Courtesy: The Runner/IMDb

The Unofficial Nicolas Cage Coloring Book

This “unofficial” Nicolas Cage coloring book was created by true Nic Cage fan James Wylie. Showcasing 15 original hand-drawn illustrations of some of Cage’s most iconic roles, each coloring page is printed twice and is separated by a bleed page so you can color with whatever medium you prefer.

Photo Courtesy: James Wylie/Amazon

Paired with a pack of glitter gel pens, this would make the perfect white elephant gift for haters and fans alike. Or, plan a “coloring between the wines” night with your friends and see how each of you interprets the scenes.

Nicolas Cage Mermaid Sequin Throw Pillowcase

You know those mermaid sequin items that started popping up a couple of years ago? The ones with double-sided sequins that you can addictively rub back and forth to change the color or image? Well, now you can enjoy that same sensation and reveal Nicolas Cage’s face at the same time.

Photo Courtesy: Bad Bananas/Amazon

This hilarious pillow has sparked some clever doodling on poor Nic’s face. With a solid color on one side and a flesh tone close-up of Mr. Cage on the other, this pillow can be a little bit disconcerting while also being a whole lot of fun.

“You’re My National Treasure” Morphing Coffee Mug

Remind your friends that if they’re ever having a truly bad day and worrying that no one loves them, they can look at Nicholas Cage’s flower crown and know that at least one person cares.

Photo Courtesy: WECE/Amazon

Combining all the best elements of today’s pop culture — Nic Cage memes and flower crowns — this color-changing mug is a fun surprise to make anyone smile and realize how treasured they really are. Where most Nicolas Cage memorabilia goes for creepy, over-the-top humor, this touch of punny witticism is perfectly sweet, even for your mom.

Nicolas Cage Cookie Cutter Set

Remember when your Aunt Karen said Nicolas Cage looked so delicious she could eat him up? Well, now she can with these cookie cutters. Made using 3D printing technology and biodegradable, eco-friendly and durable plastic, these cutters are perfect for making butter cookies, gingerbread and Christmas cookies.

Photo Courtesy: Cookera/Amazon

You or a lucky recipient can also use them to cut and stamp pastry, fondant, soft cheeses, fruits and assorted clays for crafting. Who doesn’t need a handmade Nic Cage Christmas tree ornament in their life? Creatively packaged with a cookie recipe, these go above your standard Amazon order, making them the perfect last-minute gift.

Mona Lisa Nicolas Cage Coaster

Never in a million years would we have imagined the Mona Lisa could be outdone. Reminiscent of the blog Nicolas Cage as Everyone, these cork coasters are true masterpieces. Function meets beauty to create the perfect household staple that’s sure to break the ice at your next dinner party.

Photo Courtesy: LumaCoasters/Amazon

Lightweight and water-resistant, these coasters promise to hold up to time just like Nic Cage and Mona Lisa themselves. Regardless of your drinkware preference, the low profile and generous size make these thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse sizes of glasses, mugs and cups.

Nicolas Cage Moodboard Graphic Tee

Billing itself as an “innovation in communication,” this shirt reminds us that, no matter how our days are going, Nic Cage has been there and has a meme to suit our emotions. Now you don’t need to find words to express yourself. You can simply point to the appropriate Cage expression and move on with life.

Photo Courtesy: Headline Shirts/Amazon

Screen printed on soft, premium-quality, cotton-blend fabric using eco-friendly inks, this shirt is bound to generate smiles and conversation. Be prepared to be stopped by true fans eager to name the corresponding films.

Nicolas Cage Blue Ocean Shower Curtain

Having Nicolas Cage smiling at you like you’re the prettiest person in the world even when you’re in the same room as a toilet is really living the dream, isn’t it? Now you can live that life every day with this waterproof polyester shower curtain.

Photo Courtesy: Wowzone/Amazon

Imagine the glee that’ll plaster your friends’ faces when they walk into your bathroom and are greeted by this beauty. Packaged with 12 shower hooks, this curtain comes ready to hang. You aren’t only limited to shower decor, either; you can use Nicolas Cage as a beach blanket or hang him in your front window.

Nicolas Cage Car Air Freshener

Defeat stinky odors just like Nic Cage defeated Sean Bean in National Treasure with this bubble gum-scented air freshener. Imagine the smiles you’ll bring to the world as people notice this hanging from your rearview mirror.

Photo Courtesy: LumaCarFresheners/Amazon

Infused with essential oils, this air freshener can purify your space with long-lasting juicy vibes, and, of course, Nic’s expression will be worth saving long after the smell is gone. You can even channel your inner Cage when your friends say, “Your car smells like bubble gum!” Just reply, “You don’t say?”

Nicolas Cage Rainbow Pillowcase

The perfect pillowcase for every millennial snoozer is finally here. Nicolas Cage meets Lisa Frank in this Rainbow Brite dream that’s sure to delight anyone as they snuggle up with their (imaginary) main squeeze for a good night’s sleep.

Photo Courtesy: DoubleUSA/Amazon

The hidden zipper closure means your pillow won’t slide out no matter how much you toss and turn — but of course, you won’t be doing any of that with Nic Cage gracing your bed. Whether you buy one as a gift or keep it for yourself, Nic won’t judge you.

Not the Bees! Mug

Featuring a pop art parody of Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man, this 11-ounce ceramic coffee mug is the perfect addition to any drinkware collection. The large, easy-grip handle and microwave- and dishwasher-safe construction make it perfect for daily use.

Photo Courtesy: LookHUMAN/Amazon

Wrap-around printed with a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired, comic book-style graphic, “Not the Bees!” is an original bold illustration from LookHuman that you won’t find anywhere else. This is a quality item that your co-workers will be trying to steal, so you just might have to get them their own to use around the office.

Nicolas Cage Celebrity Mask

Considering that the internet seems to offer nearly everything with Nicolas Cage’s face on it, it’s only logical that you, too, can have your own Face/Off experience. Celebrity Cutouts provides life-size facsimiles of celebrity faces printed on sturdy cardboard with an elastic band and perforated eye slits so you can actually wear them as masks.

Photo Courtesy: Celebrity Cutouts/Amazon

Imagine surprising your friends by showing up as their favorite Cage character or pranking them with this mask at an inappropriate time. Maybe you simply identify with him on a truly deep level and want to spend a day as Nic Cage. No matter what it is, it’s possible with Nicolas Cage on your face.

Nick Cage Fake Hundred Dollar Bill

Now you too can be ballin’ and carefree like Nicolas Cage with this $100 bill sticker. Who needs the real thing when Nic’s face is on a fake one? In fact, this baby is probably worth more than face value.

Photo Courtesy: Fugly Coolers/Amazon

Printed on heavy-duty vinyl with weather-resistant ink, this sticker is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Slap it on your rear window and let Cameron Poe feel that sweet breeze again. We’re sure he wouldn’t mind living out his days on your planner, laptop or wherever you want to let people know how much Nic means to you.

Nicolas Cage Hoodie

This pullover hoodie takes streetwear to a whole new level by featuring Nicolas Cage’s face printed — and supersized — on it. By embodying the word “speechless,” people will not know what to say when they see you sporting this bad boy around town.

Photo Courtesy: Swag Hipster/Amazon

Not for wallflowers, this is an article of clothing that wears you as much as you wear it. If you have the confidence to stand out in a crowd, you should definitely be doing so with Nic spread across your torso. You just might find it too comfortable to take off.

Nicolas Cage Enamel Pin

Forget Disney Parks pins. This enamel pin is one you won’t plan on trading. Known for their quality enamel casting, Luma’s pins come highly recommended. This color illustrated version of the Nicolas Cage “You Don’t Say” meme offers nothing less than the company’s high production standards.

Photo Courtesy: LumaPin/Amazon

For meme lovers, this is the perfect little something to deliver delight. Pin it anywhere that needs a little Nic Cage sarcasm to make life better. Now you can reply with memes even in real life — that truly summarizes the magic of Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage Patterned Socks

We all have that someone in our life who collects socks. Even if they aren’t big Nicolas Cage fans, they will love these socks. Individually printed to order using sublimation technology, no two pairs will be exactly alike — making these as unique as Cage’s expressions.

Photo Courtesy: StuffUhaveTheyWant/Amazon

Specializing in celebrity apparel, StuffUhaveTheyWant offers these socks in sizes for the whole family, meaning you could have a matching-sock photoshoot in your future. Plus, you support a small U.S.-based, woman-owned company with your purchase. Now that’s something you can feel extra-good about.

Nicolas Cage Face/Off T-shirt

If you’ve never seen Face/Off, then this shirt will make little sense to you. But considering you’re reading a Nicolas Cage product guide, you likely get it and love the subtle genius of calling Cage “John Travolta.”

Photo Courtesy: Dream Shirts/Amazon

This ultra-high-definition portrait printed on 100% ring-spun cotton is soft and comfortable. You’ll find yourself making conversation with and eliciting chuckles from other fans whenever you wear it. With glowing reviews, it’s also a guaranteed slam dunk for hard-to-shop-for gift recipients who are fans of either actor.

Nicolas Cage Life-size Cutout

There are no limits to the potential of this life-size Nicolas Cage cutout. Printed on sturdy cardboard in amazing high definition with its own built-in stand, this cutout is ready for whatever ideas you have in store.

Photo Courtesy: Celebrity Cutouts/Amazon

Considering no room or office is complete without a 6-foot-tall Nic Cage gracing it, you can just set it up and you’ll be ready for the photos people will inevitably want to take with him. Many buyers have also had immense fun pulling off pranks with their celebrity accomplice, including staging The Rock-style break-ins.

The Wisdom of Nicolas Cage

Now out of print with limited availability, this book of wisdom — like fine wine and Cage himself — will only get more valuable with age. London-based artist Verity Shade created colorful illustrations to accompany a collection of Cage-ian movie quotes to help guide readers through this crazy and upside-down world.

Photo Courtesy: Verity Slade/Amazon

Witticisms like “I have an acronym for myself. Know what it is? B.A.D. B.A.D… Balls, Attitude, Direction. You should give yourself an acronym…’cause it helps you visualize your goals,” from Kiss of Death remind us that we all need a bit more Cage in our lives.

Ragin’ Nicolas Cage T-shirt

The perfect statement for anyone prone to dramatic theatrics, this shirt will be an instant hit. Whether to serve as a reminder that it could be worse or to express your frustration about not attaining Cage’s level of intensity, no sentence can say more with just nine words.

Photo Courtesy: I Love Apparel/Amazon

Designed to be worn loudly and proudly, wearers are advised “to pepper every conversation with a wide-eyed stare and a lot of arm-waving” to really drive home the point of their rage. In fact, your message will probably be heard best if you just never take this shirt off again.

Nicolas Cage Postcards

Who wants traditional California postcards when you can have Nicolas Cage’s California postcards? Complete with six original designs of iconic Cage characters in touristy settings, this is the postcard set you need for your next trip to the Pacific Coast.

Photo Courtesy: Nicolas Cage Postcards/Amazon

Nothing says “wish you were here” like Cameron Poe soaking in the Venice Beach air along with a pithy quote about mai-tais and Yahtzee on the back. Who cares if you brought your postcards on your trip with you? Your friends back home will be none the wiser and find each one of these absolutely genius.

Nicolas Cage “You Open the Cage to My Heart” Mat

Nothing says “love” like a Nicolas Cage pun, and now you can remind your loved ones of it every time they go to use the restroom or wash dishes. Printed with Nic’s gorgeous face on pink fleece and memory foam with anti-slip, eco-friendly waterproof backing, this is the perfect mat to welcome into your home.

Photo Courtesy: Ooiilpe/Amazon

Designed to protect your floors from water damage and you from slipping, this thin mat is useful in your kitchen, bathroom, front doorway or anywhere else you need something soft protecting your floors and feet.

Nicolas Cage Flip Flops

If you ever find yourself short on conversation starters, then look no further than these flip flops. That’s right — walking on Nicolas Cage’s face is sure to inspire some lively discussion.

Photo Courtesy: LumaFlipFlops/Amazon

We would never normally advocate for walking all over someone, but Nic is willing to take one for the team because that’s the kind of guy he is. These soft, lightweight rubber sandals are perfect for your next beach vacation or camping trip. If you find yourself traveling solo, you can find comfort knowing Nicolas Cage is there to support you.

Nicolas Cage Phone Case

There are plenty of Nicolas Cage phone cases on the market for whatever device you might carry, but this one takes the cake with its choice of photo. Designed to fit an iPhone 7, this TPU case easily slips on for a perfect fit and will provide lightweight yet durable protection from scratches, bumps and dust.

Photo Courtesy: ChicagOi/Amazon

Featuring a truly dreamy photo of Nic Cage in his prime, you’ll be able to capture better portraits than ever before as your subjects are mesmerized by him. He’s looking into their souls and seeing them for the beautiful creatures they are.

“You Don’t Say” Nicolas Cage Meme Mug

Yet another amazing office or boss gift, this mug is perfect for anyone who appreciates a good dose of sarcasm and viral meme-ing. Printed on high-quality ceramic, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe, meaning it can hold up to years of regular use.

Photo Courtesy: AmendableMugs/Amazon

Shipped in custom packaging, this mug is guaranteed to arrive without damage, and reviewers highlight the good laughs they get every time they see Nicolas Cage’s intense mug on this mug. Emblazoned with a unique color pencil sketch version of the “You Don’t Say” meme, this is a creative twist on existing designs.

Nicolas Cage Celebrity Prayer Candle

If prayer candles aren’t your thing, maybe this Saint Nicolas Cage candle will change your mind. As the patron saint of a million faces, Nicolas has something to offer everyone who comes to him — from warding against bees to guiding you in stealing invaluable national documents. Seek and he shall giveth.

Photo Courtesy: Celeb Prayer Candle/Amazon

Each candle is handmade and poured into a high-quality, thick glass and wrapped with an originally designed vinyl label. Religious or not, this candle is the perfect way to show your love and devotion for the internet god that is Nicolas Cage.

Picolas Cage Stickers

A clever pun with a unique illustration? Yes please. These stickers are a fun token to keep or share. Die-cut and printed on high-quality vinyl, these decals are 4 inches tall and easy to apply and remove from any indoor or outdoor surface, including windows.

Photo Courtesy: Big Lens Store/Amazon

Picolas Cage is ready to grace your car, phone, tablet or laptop with his presence. Guaranteed to bring a chuckle with his pruney body and scraggly hair, this cartoon will have you and your friends looking at Nicolas Cage in a different way.

Nicolas Cage Actor Eyes Sleep Mask

There are few things freakier than people who sleep with their eyes open, and now you can look like one of them. Printed on silky material with a comfortable strap, this sleep mask will have you falling asleep faster and deeper than before while making everyone around you do a double-take.

Photo Courtesy: MTNAMASKS/Amazon

Perfect for napping on airplanes and in the car on road trips, you’ll find endless delight in the reactions you receive. Imagine slipping this on after your partner falls asleep and hearing their response when they wake up to Nicolas Cage staring at them in the morning.

Nicolas Cage Umbrella

It’s raining Nicolas Cages! This easy-folding travel umbrella bills itself as the last umbrella you’ll ever need. And with Nicolas Cage on it, we can see why. With a solid black exterior and cartoon illustrations of Cage’s face printed only on the inside, this umbrella packs a fun surprise when opened.

Photo Courtesy: LISPLA/Amazon

With its easy-open technology, you’ll no longer find yourself struggling with your umbrella in the rain. Made from a tightly woven polyester fabric, this umbrella will give you lightweight and waterproof protection.

The Cagey Bunch Mug

“Here’s the story… ” of a fun and creative mug that places Nicolas Cage characters into the classic The Brady Bunch opener frames. The original design features illustrated cartoon versions of his iconic roles in The Wicker Man, Raising Arizona and Con Air, to name a few.

Photo Courtesy: Playtailor/Amazon

Printed on marble ceramic, this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and rated for daily use. Guaranteed to not fade or scratch, you can feel confident in gifting this coffee cup to your friends. The unique graphic will delight Nicolas Cage fans and spark conversation between morning sips.

Emperor Nicolas Velvet Bath Mat

Depicting Nicolas Cage in a regal uniform, this piece resembles something off an art museum’s wall but offers everything you need in a bath mat with its memory foam lining and skid-proof backing. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself considering hanging this on your wall instead of stepping on it with your wet feet.

Photo Courtesy: USFJ/Amazon

We’d expect nothing less as you find yourself thinking of velvet paintings and centuries-old military heroes. Gazing upon Cage’s distinguished brow, you’ll ultimately understand why he is and always will be a legend.