Planting Trees with the Arbor Day Foundation: A Guide

The Arbor Day Foundation is an organization dedicated to planting trees and preserving forests around the world. Planting trees is a great way to help the environment, and the Arbor Day Foundation makes it easy to get involved. Here’s a guide to planting trees with the Arbor Day Foundation.

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Getting Started

The first step in planting trees with the Arbor Day Foundation is to join their Tree Planting Network. This network allows you to connect with other tree planters and share tips and advice on how to plant trees successfully. Once you’ve joined, you can start planning your tree planting project. The Arbor Day Foundation provides resources such as tree planting guides, tree selection guides, and even a tree-planting calculator that helps you determine how many trees you need for your project.

Choosing Your Trees

Once you’ve decided on a project, it’s time to choose your trees. The Arbor Day Foundation has a variety of native species available for purchase, including oak, maple, and pine trees. You can also purchase fruit trees or flowering trees if you want something more decorative. It’s important to choose species that are native to your area so they have the best chance of surviving in your climate.

Planting Your Trees

Once you’ve chosen your trees, it’s time to get them in the ground. The Arbor Day Foundation provides detailed instructions on how to plant your trees correctly so they have the best chance of survival. They also provide resources on how to care for your newly planted trees, such as watering schedules and pruning tips. Once your trees are planted, be sure to register them with the Tree Planting Network so others can see what you’ve accomplished.

Planting trees with the Arbor Day Foundation is a great way to help preserve forests around the world and make a positive impact on our environment. With their resources and support, it’s easy for anyone to get involved in tree planting projects.

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